May 10, 2022

KALYP and Strategy-Partners Announce a Partnership to Develop an Infrastructure for Carbon Neutral Securities

KALYP and Strategy-Partners Announce a Partnership to Develop an Infrastructure for Carbon Neutral Securities

KALYP Technologies Ltd, a provider of enterprise software that powers smart financial networks, and Strategy-Partners LLC, an advisory firm focused on climate change initiatives, are announcing a strategic alliance to develop and deliver a solution to accelerate the much-needed progress to net zero. 

This partnership optimizes the design and development of a smart distributed market infrastructure. With its embedded digital register, smart workflows, and services marketplace, the cloud network will significantly improve the verification and certification processes for carbon emissions and offsets. The results are clean, reliable carbon footprints to power the issuance of carbon neutral securities to accelerate any entity’s path to net-zero or better.

“It is my pleasure to announce that KALYP’s technology will be an important part of this solution to help drive net-zero activities. The technological know-how of KALYP, when combined with the carbon expertise of Strategy-Partners, is well-positioned to deliver this much-needed set of capabilities,” said Thorsten Peisl, CEO at KALYP Technologies.
“Strategy-Partners experience in the climate space extending back to the earliest days of climate initiatives brings the know-how and insights required to complement the innovative technology developed by KALYP Technologies,” said Edward Loughran, Co-Founder and Managing Member of Strategy-Partners.

Time to net-zero is especially critical for entities in investor pressured industries and those with market leadership positions. The distributed functional tools developed by this partnership allow the easy exchange of crucial information so emission and offset data can be monitored and maintained while creating a new class of carbon neutral securities to further power the move to net-zero.

”Accelerating the removal of greenhouse gases and reaching net-zero is a primary objective worldwide for the vast majority of entities of all types. I am delighted that KALYP Technologies is involved in this forward-looking strategic partnership with its capabilities pointed at a space where much is needed to be done,” said Sarah Biller, Board Member and an investor at KALYP Technologies.

This partnership between KALYP Technologies and Strategy-Partners to develop and deliver the distributed market infrastructure for carbon neutral securities is open for other qualified parties to join and collaborate. In addition, the partnership will be providing regular updates to all interested parties.

For more information directly contact Edward Loughran at Strategy-Partners or Peter Jacaruso at KALYP Technologies

About KALYP Technologies LTD

KALYP Technologies, a provider of enterprise software in the financial markets with its distributed ledger-based software, establishes smart market infrastructure for institutions and enables more efficient digital processing. The firm is independently financed and led by a group of securities industry veterans and distributed ledger technology experts with an international presence between London and Boston. For more information, visit


About Strategy Partners LLC

Strategy-Partners LLC is a strategic designer of workflows and solutions for a Carbon Neutral Ecosphere. The firm assists with establishing unified accounting of carbon emissions and offsets with third-party verification and ongoing validation. Strategy-Partners is led by a team of financial securities veterans and data experts based in the U.S.  For more information, visit

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