March 20, 2023

DLT Takes the Stage to Support the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

DLT Takes the Stage to Support the Reduction of Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions is critical to a more sustainable economy. We can all agree on that. Against that backdrop, as companies transition to net-zero and beyond it is essential to accurately measure and monitor a firms’ carbon emission glidepath and offsetting activities to have both an informed view of status quo and the effectiveness of new policies and rules. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) can assist in multiple key areas to support these efforts.

The means available to policymakers for effecting reductions include implementing incentives - and - putting a price on emissions. Better accounting of CO2e will help drive reductions in emissions strategically, allowing policymakers to assess the effectiveness of their decisions. This accounting is challenging given the lack of transparency and reliability in the methods used to calculate the carbon footprint of products and services today.

MIT’s recent global survey with 350 C-level leaders at large global companies in eight major sectors, examining their plans to adopt digital technologies to reach decarbonization targets, yielded several interesting results, including a) digitalization being viewed as the backbone of energy transition including making sustainability data accessible, verifiable, and transparent, while b) the way the industry innovates in the digital realm is through partnerships with technology experts.

Project SAMSØ offers exactly that. It establishes a market-operated and –governed, DLT-based infrastructure empowering companies to responsibly record their footprint rooted in a compliant carbon emission and offset verification and certification processes. The reliable footprints enable the patent-pending automated conversion of existing securities into Carbon Linked Securities (CLS) - digital securities, unlocking the power of capital markets. But isn’t DLT just hype?

DLT, powering key components of distributed B2B fintech workflows that are at the core of Project SAMSØ, is an essential part of the solution. Have doubts? Let’s take a brief look at where we are:
Financial markets have taken on a more bearish tone for the last year. Rising interest rates should remain a headwind for crypto prices in the coming months. In addition, the spectacular collapse of crypto exchange FTX has triggered a regulatory and legal backlash that has only just begun to impact that market. AI is bubbling up all over and getting lots of affection. Meanwhile, the thesis on B2B fintech and digital securities gradually moves from sprouting to blooming. Qualitative analysts recognize that “blockchain based fintech is the new internet” and promote those “B2B fintechs as the winners for 2023”. Quantitative analysts further sharpen our case with previously quoted 50-150x growth projections for digital securities. Don’t just take our word for it but rather rely on some of the sources listed at the end of this summary.

DLT in digital finance presents two main advantages: Firstly, a decentralized network sharing the same copy of the same data in a resilient and immutable digital infrastructure. Secondly, it allows building efficient ecosystems for multi-party, compliant, and transparent workflows and automation thereof. Project SAMSØ leverages this technology, offering the ledger underpinning the much-needed transparent accounting process. Members submit their data across jurisdictions for logging, verification and certification as means for more, enabled by the service providers competing for business on its patent-pending service marketplace. We are here to lead these efforts and help stakeholders in this new area of digital finance.

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